My thesis topic was approved! One step closer to my masters degree. But seriously, is it May it?

Retail therapy

I just bought four dresses just because they were on sale and fit me beautifully.

Now, I need a reason to wear them all! Good thing we have one more wedding this year and three, so far, next year.

Off to our last summer wedding of the year!

Off to our last summer wedding of the year!

Is it May yet?

My life recently got a little nutty. I was in a minor bike accident. Drivers, please be careful when opening your car door. The last thing you want to do is hit a cyclist in the face and then blame her for riding in the bike lane. I’m okay, thank goodness. But, it certainly freaked me out.

My final year of grad school started which means I am now a lunatic until May. Some friendly advice, if don’t have to work full time while in grad school full time, don’t do it.

In my itty bitty spare time, I’ve been running my brains out, which makes me less of a lunatic. I came really close to a 5K PR a couple weekends, so I’ve decided that upping my training is a brilliant idea.


Is there anything better than receiving great oral sex?

First day of my internship! I may look excited, but I’m really counting down the days until May.

First day of my internship! I may look excited, but I’m really counting down the days until May.

Final year!

Off to my first class of my last year of grad school.

How to be successful at work

I’ve grown a lot in the years I’ve worked for my company. Mostly, I’ve noticed I’m a lot more laid back than I used to be. I’ve attributed the following to my work success. 

  • Get your work done! Do it well and do it quietly. No one likes complainers. If your boss asks you to do something, you do it. If you cannot, explain, but don’t make that a habit. 
  • No gossiping. If you need to vent, vent to a small select number of people you trust and do it behind closed doors. Remember to use your indoor voice. 
  • Leave work at work. Nobody wants to hear about your work drama. 
  • Remember that everyone is replaceable, including you. 
  • When it comes time for a raise, have some bullet points ready to discuss your accomplishments. 
  • There are naysayers and Negative Nancy’s everywhere you go. Leave them be. Don’t get sucked into their misery. 
  • Don’t call out of work unless it’s an emergency. 
  • Use your vacation time. 

Nymphomaniac (the movie)

  • Just to preface the following interaction, my parents use my netflix...
  • Dad: Your mother and I watched porn the other night.
  • Me: That's enough. La la la la la.
  • Dad: Well, we saw that you watched Nymphomaniac and decided to give it a try.
  • Me: Oh, we didn't finish it.
  • Dad: That was borderline porn. Did you know Shia Labeouf's penis is in it?
  • Me: I didn't get that far.
  • Dad: There's a lot of cock in that movie. Your mother loved it.
  • Me: Ok, please stop.
  • ........ Two nights later
  • Granite: Your parents are watching Nymphomaniac Part II.
  • Me: Stop it!
When everyone complains of the traffic and starting their morning homicidal and I’m like, ride bikes, bitches! 

When everyone complains of the traffic and starting their morning homicidal and I’m like, ride bikes, bitches! 

We’re not buying that house and I bailed on a race

To make a long a short (as my Nonna would say) the open house was interesting. Loved the house, but realized the work it needs is too much for us to realistically tackle at this phase in our life. We’re in no rush, either. 

Secondly, I’ve never bailed on a road race that I’ve pre-registered for until now. I’ve been fighting allergies and a bit of a cold last week (not really a cold, but I am terrible at admitting when I’m sick because I am never sick). I decided instead of having a terrible race and being a head case going into next race, I won’t race. Which, in hindsight, was a smart choice because I went for a run the day of the race and felt like my head weighed a hundred pounds. 

I made good choices this weekend. I feel like a responsible adult, which doesn’t make for good stories. I’m okay with that. 

Check that house out!

Granite and I are entering a new phase of our relationship….house shopping. 

Going to my first open house on Sunday. 

Table 2

Texas, Boa, Granite, and I went to a wedding this past weekend. We were mingling before the reception wondering if we would be sitting together.

We were not…

Come to find out, Granite and I were assigned to seat at the same table as The Ex and his girlfriend. I found this comical. I see the two of them on occasion because our circle of friends often intertwine. But I still wondered, don’t people make seating charts to prevent potential situations from happening?

We’ve been broken up for close to four years now. We’ve moved on. Honestly, I can look at him and be happy he’s found love. I hope he can do the same for me. We’re friendly and keep each other updated on our families. We’re mature adults and this is what mature adults do. He’s a great guy, but he’s not the great guy for me.

"The secret to a successful marriage is a lot of dirty talk and ass grabbing."

— My dad, spewing marriage advice after being happily married to my mother for over 32 years. 

We are finite

Death is never easy to accept. You have to twist it into a perspective that you are comfortable with because life continues with or without your consent. 

My grandfather passed away and, as difficult as saying goodbye was, I have to reframe his death into something positive. He lived a great life. He was so brave to uproot his family from Italy and come to the United States over 40 years ago without a job, house, or lick of English.

His grandchildren were his life. I am unbelievably grateful to have spent over 30 years with him. He taught all four of his grandchildren so much about gardening and canning tomatoes. He was such a humble, selfless, and generous man. These were a few anecdotes I shared when my family asked me to write and read his eulogy.  

When he passed he was surrounded by the love of his family. He is no longer suffering. That’s relief. My hope is that he is in a better place.